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Created: 19.7.2006

(02.01.1883 – 19.09.1967)

Born: in Vratsa


Ivan Tzenoff studied physics and mathematics in the Universities of Sofia (1904 – 1906; 1908), Belgrad (1907), and Zagreb (1907)

Sofia University sent him to specialize in Paris (1911 – 1913) on the area of analytical mechanics. In Sorbonne, he read books of Pol Apell and Anry Pouancare (1854 – 1912) and studied qualitative theory of differential equations for modeling processes in mechanics


He investigated solid bodies with one immovable point (so called holonomic system) with Lagrange equations. His habilitation paper was “Movement of rotating solid, heavy, homogenous body in case of Lagrange”

He described non-holonomic systems (motion around moving center as a wheel of bicycle) by coordinates, time and derivative coordinates and time, and solved problems successfully. The equations for non-holonomic systems called Tzenoff I equations

I. Tzenoff received three new equations, called Tzenov II equations during the 30th of XX century

He propounded gravitational alternative model in 1933

Professional experience:

Head of analytical mechanics department (1914 – 1951)

Head of General and Applied Mathematics (1953 – 1958)

Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (1925 – 1926 and 1929 – 1930)

President of the Society of Physicists and Mathematicians in Sofia (1922 – 1945)

Teaching activities:

Professor Ivan Tzenoff lectured Analytical Mechanics (1914 – 1958)


Corresponding members (1925) and member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1929).


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