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Created: 2005
Updated: 11.6.2021

(26.02.1860 – 14.10.1913)

Born Porphiry Ivanovich Bachmetjew was born in village Lopuhovka, province of Saratov, Russia.


He studied physics in the Zurich University without PhD, because he prefered experiments instead mathematical problems.


Porphiry Bachmetjew investigated magnetism, thermoelectricity, and terrestrial electricity. He measured changes of temperature, when butterfly was refrigerated with ice below freezing point. He discovered supercooling in insects, that was a new state between life and death, called anabiosis. He gave an idea to telephotograph – the TV predecessor.

Professional experience:

Porphiry Bachmetjew came in Bulgaria in 1890 and was elected to professorship in 1895. He created oldest chair on physics in the Sofia University.

At the Sofia University Porphiry Bachmetjew set up some physical laboratories and a Institute of Physics. He was dismissed from the University in 1907. There are many reasons about that action. Some of them are discussed by N. Sretenova.

Teaching activities:

Porphiry Bachmetjew lectured some experimental university courses in physics (1890/1891 – 1905/1906). In physical laboratory he trained students in practical activities as apparatus repair, construct and produce a new one.


He was elected corresponding members (1898) and member (1900) of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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