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Professor D.Sc.
Elend Mironova Vateva
Birth date 1930 in Smjadovo


Master Degree from the Faculty of Physics, Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridsky" (19511956)

Assoc. Prof. habilitation paper "Double Injection in II-IV Compounds" (1974)

Dr. Sci. in Physics Thesis: "Photoinduced Phenomena in Chalcogenides" (1990)

Research experience

Associate Professor Institute of Solid State Physics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1974)

Head of Laboratory in the Department of Prof. S. Kanev (19681973)

Head of Research Group Photoelectrical and Optical Phenomena in Wide Gap Semiconductors in Department of J. Kassabov (19731989)

Professor 1992

Head of Department Photoelectrical and Optical Phenomena in Wide Gap Semiconductors Laboratory(19891999)

Retired (1999)

Field of Research

Crystalline and amorphous semiconductors, thin films, multilayers and amorphous superlattices of chalcogenides, photoelectrical, electrical and optical phenomena, structure and photostructural changes, transport and recombination processes, defect states, electrophotographic and photolithographic properties and low-temperature thermal properties of chalcogenides.

In the field of the photoeffects in chalcogenides the photoinduced phenomena in crystalline and amorphous chalcogenides are developed. Investigations of nanostructures are initiated and the new field of the amorphous multilayers and superlattices from chalcogenides are developed.

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