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European Physical Society       
Historic Sites

European Physical Society presidents

1968–1970 G. Bernardini, Italy

1970–1972 E. Rudberg, Sweden

1972–1976 H. Casimir (15.07.1909–04.05.2000), Netherlands

1976–1978 I. Ursu, Romania

1978–1980 A. Zichichi, Italy

1980–1982 A. Mackintosh (22.01.1936–20.12.1995), Denmark

1982–1984 J. Friedel (11.02.1921–27.08.2014), France

1984–1986 G. Stafford (15.04.1920–30.07.2013), UK

1986–1988 W. Buckel, Germany

1888–1991 R. Ricci, Italy

1991–1993 M. Jacob, Switzerland

1993–1995 N. Kroo, Hungary

1995–1997 H. Schopper, Switzerland

1997–1999 D. Weaire, UK

1999–2001 Sir A. Wolfendale, UK

2001–2003 M. Ducloy, France

2003–2005 M. Huber, Switzerland

2005–2007 O. Poulsen (? - 2017), Denmark

2007–2009 F. Wagner, Germany

2009–2011 M. Kolwas, Poland

2011–2013 L. Cifarelli, Itally

2013–2015 J. Dudley, France

2015–2017 Ch. Rossel, Switzerland

2017–2019 R. Voss, Germany

2019–2021 P. Rudolf, Germany

2021–2023 L. Berge, France

European Centre for the History of Physics, Pollau Castle, Austria

EPS History of Physics Group

2018 K. Grandin, Professor, Chair of the History of Physics Group, EPS
2007 – 2017 Dr. P. M. Schuster, Former Chair of the History of Physics Group, EPS (2007–2017)


D. Hoffmann, Max Plank Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
H. Kragh, Professor of History of Science and Technology, Aarhus University, Denmark
J. Lacki, Professor
R. Lalli, Prof, Germany
I. Malaquias, Prof., Portugal
J. Navarro, Prof., Spain
E. Nicolaidis, Dr.
C. O’Raifeartaigh, Prof., Ireland
J. Sebesta, Professor (emeritus)
R. Jurdana-Sepic, Associate Professor, University of Rijeca, Croatia
S. Talas, Dr., Museum of the History of Physics, University of Padua, Italy
D. Weaire Professor (emeritus), Dublin, Ireland    
G. Vlahakis, Professor, Greece

Former Board Members

Jim Bennett, Prof., UK

P. Holmberg, Prof., Finland

M. Lorenco, Dr., Portugal

J. M. S. Ron, Prof., Spain


Professor Sir Keith Burnett CBE FRS FlnstP FLSW

IoP History of Physics Group
Chairs of the IoP History of Physics Group

1984 – 1988 J. Meadows, Prof.
1989 – 1995 B. Pippard, Sir
1996 – 2000 J. Roche, Dr
2001 – 2003 I. Butterworth, Prof.
2004 – 2007 D. Weaire, Prof.
2008 – 2012 P. Ford, Dr
2012 – 2016 Edward Arthur Davis, Prof.
2016 Prof. Andrew Whitaker

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  Victor Francis Hess Society

AIP Centre for History of Physics

A brief history of the universal microscope

History and Foundations of Quantum Physics

UNIVERSEUM the European Academic Heritage Network


Ampere and History of Electricity, France

The Physics section at the Deutsches Museum, Munich

Museo Galileo, Florence, Italy

Museum of the History of Physics, Padua, Italy

Physics Laboratory and Museum of Scientific Instruments, Urbino, Italy

Teylers Museum, Harlem, Netherlands

Palatul Cultury Tur Muzee, Romania

“Prof. Ing. Dimitrie Leonida”, Bucharest, Romania

Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Toronto, Canada

Rutherford Museum, Montreal, Canada

Physics Museum, University of Queensland, Australia


Science Museum and Physics Museum of the Coimbra University, Portugal

Manchester Museum University of Manchester, UK

Cavendish Museum, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, UK

Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University, UK


Archive of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Exhibition of Physics, Academy of Sciences, Lisbon, Portugal

Albert Einstein Archives

History of Physics Archives, Universita degli Studi, Dipartimento di Fisica, Pavia, Italy

Archive of the Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden University, Faculty of Science, Leiden Institute of Physics, Netherlands


  UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  Nobel Prize, Museum, Center for History of Science, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

International Academy of the History of Science, France

History of Science and Inovation, France

British Society for the History of Sciences (BSHS)

History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, UK

University of Aberdeen Natural Philosophy Collection, UK

Darwin online, UK

  National Hellenic Research Foundation Athens, Greece

Hellenic Archives of Scientific Instruments, Athens, Greece

National Museum of Natural History, Lisbon University, Portugal

Conservation Physics



English grammar  English Teaching  New English File


European School Net

European Higher Education Area



SHPMP Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics

HPM History and Pedagogy of Mathematics Newsletters

ESHS European Society for the History of Sciences Newsletters and Centaurus

HPDST History of Science in Southeastern Europe Newsletter

IHPST International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group Newsletter

The European Physical Journal
Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Physics

e-EPN (2022) 1
Europhysics News

BJP Bulgarian Journal Of Physics

ChMS Chaotic Modeling and Simulation

CJLT Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology

IJSTR International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research

Villa I Tatti, Unfinished Renaissances, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies