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Created: 14.10.2013
Updated 9.12.2019

Atanaska Spasova Andreeva
(1947 – 13.07.2013)

The subjects of her research are biophysics of light reactions of photosynthesis and Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy of photosynthetic pigments: chlorophylls, carotenoids

Professional experience

Sofia University appointed A. Andreeva for associate professor. She was head of the chair of condensed matter physics (2007 – 2011)

През периода 2000–2001 година ръководи проект № 392/2000 с фонда за научни изследвания на Софийския университет на тема "Spectral properties of long wavelength pigments in Photosystem I complexes of higher plants"

A. Andreeva was head of projects № 414/2001 "Changes in the structural organization of thylakoid membranes from pea mutants with modified chlorophyll content" (2001–2002), № 24/2004 "Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy of thylakoid membranes" (2004–2005)

A. Andreeva was head of the projects № 44/2004 about "Changes in spectral properties, conformational state and content of carotenoids in Photosystem I complexes under different light intensities" (2005–2006); № 11/2005 "Spectral properties, content and configurational states of carotenoid molecules and their dynamic changes in non-photochemical thermal dissipation of light energy in photosynthesis" (2005–2008)

Social Activities:

She was Board member of the Union of Phisicists in Bulgaria

Scientific Publications

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