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Created 20.12.2022
Updated 21.12.2022

Konstantin Dimitrov Lovchinov
(19.09.1979 – 15.12.2022)


K. Lovchinov was born in Asenovgrad


He graduated in Sofia Universiry solid state physics and microelectronics bachelor degree (2002–2007) and master degree (2007–2009)

He defended PhD thesis "Preparation and study of optical, electrical and structural properties of thin and nano-structured layers of ZnO" (2015)

K. Lovchinov specialised in Lecce University – Italy (2005, 2009), International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, Wroclaw, Poland (2008) and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (2014)


Optical, structural and electrical properties of transparent conductive thin film; electrical, magnetic and transport properties at low temperatures using high vacuum system, strong magnetic field measurement, and lasers

He evaluated grid energy quality at the point of grid connection, level of PV energy injection, fluctuation of grid parameters as a result of energy injection produced by solar PV generator, design and implementation of small hybrid energy systems

Professional experience

Assistant Professor in Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, BAS (2010–1015)

Associate professor at the Instituta po optichni materiali i technologii pri BAN (2017)


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