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Updated 7.10.2021

Nadejda Savova Koparanova
(10.08.1930 – 2013)
Born in Sofia


Nadejda Koparanova graduated physics from the Sofia University (1952)

She was PhD student in the Sofia Technical University (26.11.1953–25.11.1956) and defended her dissertation (1960)

She spoke English, German and Russian well

She specialised in East Germany (1965, 1966), Russia (1968) and Hungary (1975)


Nadejda Koparanova investigated and improved structures of organic layers in xerographic and photodielectric electrophotografic processes

She investigated electrical properties of xeterogeneous materials and prepared apparatuses for electrophotographic measurements

Professional experience

Nadejda Koparanova was teacher on physics at the Second Pholytechnical School in Varna for one year (01.09.1952–25.11.1953)

She became a part time assistant in the Technical University of Sofia (15.09.1959–25.10.1960), and senior assistant in the new campus in Darvenitsa (26.10.1960–31.10.1963)

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences appointed her in the Physical Institute (01.11.1963–23.06.1975), where she was second rank research assistant

She became a first rank assistant in the Laboratory of photoelectrical and optical phenomena in wide band semiconductors at the Institute of Solid State Physics, BAS (23.06.1975–31.12.1987)

Koparanova was an organiser of the V²² International Meeting on photoelectrical and optical phenomena in solids

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