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Evgenia Razumova Skordeva
(? – 31.05.2023)




E. Skordeva studied physics in the Faculty of Physics, Sofia University (1960-1963) and in the Electro-Technical Institute Electro-Physical Department in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). She graduated engineer-physicist with specialization in technology of dielectrics and semiconductors (1967)

She obtained PhD degree on "Investigation on the Influence of Elements from I and IV Group on the Conductivity of the Vitreous As2S3" from the Physico-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1975)

E. Skordeva speak Russian, French, English, and German languages


E. Skordeva investigated experimentaly electrical properties of wide band-gap semiconductors, and optical properties of amorphous materials

Prepared semiconductor thin films using vacuum techniques.

Subjects of her interest are short- and medium-range structure peculiarities of the chalcogenide films, and glasses.

Possibilities various photostructural changes induce in amorphous chalcogenides and related study of changes in their photoelectrical, optical, and physico-chemical properties


At the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Solid State Physics she was physicist (1967-1975), assistant (1975-1995), and associate professor (1995) in the Photo-electrical and optical phenomena in wide band-gap semiconductors laboratory


    E. Skordeva is author of more than 90 original papers

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