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Union of Physicists in Bulgaria

Created 29.9.2018
Updated 9.11.2018

10 Jubilee International
Balkan Physical Union

Sofia, Bulgaria, 26–30 August 2018
Scientific Committee

Nikolay Tonchev (BG) – Chairman, Chavdar Stoyanov (BG), *Emil Nissimov (BG), Georgi Mladenov (BG), Kostadin Ganev (BG), Lozan Spasov (BG), Nikolay Vitanov (BG), Petar Atanasov (BG), Valentina Petkova (BG), *Vassil Andreev (BG), Todor Mishonov (BG), Gregorios Itskos (CY), Danica Krstovska (FYR of MK), Paraskevi Kleideri (GR), Xenophon Moussas (GR), Natasa Raicevic (ME), Denis Nika (MD), Pervin Arikan (TR), Sener Oktik (TR), Cenap Ozben (TR)

Scientific Sections

1 Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Energy. ELI-NP

Chair: Prof. Anton N. Antonov – antonovshumen@gmail.com Secretaries: Assoc. Prof. Mitko Gaidarov – gaidarov@inrne.bas.bg Assoc. Prof. Martin Ivanov

2 Astronomy and Astrophysics

Chair: Prof. Evgeni Semkov – esemkov@astro.bas.bg Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Sunay Ibryamov – sibryamov@shu.bg

3 Gravitation and Cosmology

Chair: Prof. Stoycho Yazadjiev – yazad@phys.uni-sofia.bg; syazadjiev@yahoo.co.uk Secretary: Assist. Prof. Petya Nedkova – pnedkova@phys.uni-sofia.bg

4 Atomic and Molecular Physics

Chair: Prof. Asen Pashov – pashov@phys.uni-sofia.bg Secretary: Asist. Prof. Snejana Yordanova – snejana@phys.uni-sofia.bg

5 High Energy Physics

Chair: Prof. Ekaterina Christova – echristo@inrne.bas.bg Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Plamen Iaydjiev – iaydjiev@inrne.bas.bg

6 Condensed Matter Physics & Statistical Physics

Chair: Prof. Todor Mishonov – mishonov@gmail.com Secretaries: PhD student Albert Varonov – akofmg@gmail.com Assoc. Prof. Viktor Ivanov – vgi@phys.uni-sofia.bg

7 Optics and Lasers

Chair: Prof. Latchezar Avramov – avramov@ie.bas.bg Secretary: Aleksandra Zhelyazkova – alexandra_jivkova@abv.bg

8 Plasma and Gas-Discharge Physics

Chair: Prof. Kiril Blagoev – kblagoev@issp.bas.bg Secretary: Assist. Prof. Vasilka Steflekova – vasilka@issp.bas.bg

9 Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Chair: Prof. Vladimir Dobrev – vkdobrev@yahoo.com; dobrev@inrne.bas.bg Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Alexander Ganchev – ganchev@inrne.bas.bg

10 Computational Physics

Chair: Prof. Dimitar Bakalov – dbakalov.bpu17.sect10@gmail.com Secretary: Assist. Petar Danev

11 Meteorology and Geophysics

Chair: Corr. Member BAS Nikolay Miloshev – miloshev@geophys.bas.bg Secretaries: Assoc. Prof. Maria Kolarova – Maria.Kolarova@meteo.bg Assoc. Prof. Reneta Raykova – rraykova@phys.uni-sofia.bg

12 Environmental Physics

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Christo Angelov – hangelov@inrne.bas.bg Secretary: Assist. Prof. Nina Nikolova – nikol@inrne.bas.bg

13 Alternative Sources of Energy

Chair: Prof. Petko Vitanov – vitanovpetko@yahoo.co.uk Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Miglena Dimitrova – miglena@phys.bas.bg

14 Econophysics

Chair: Prof. Nikolay Vitanov – vitanov@imbm.bas.bg Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Elena Nikolova – elena@imbm.bas.bg

15 Applied Physics

Chair: Prof. Petar Petrov – appl_phys-petrov@mail.bg Secretary: PhD student Stefan Valkov – stsvalkov@gmail.com

16 Biophysics and Medical Physics

Chair: Prof. Isak Bivas – bivas@issp.bas.bg Secretary: Assist. Zdravka Slavkova – zdravka_slavkova@abv.bg

17 Physics Education

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Maya Gaydarova – mayag@abv.bg Secretary: Assist. Prof. Ivelina Kotseva-Georgieva – iva_georgieva@phys.uni-sofia.bg

18 History and Philosophy of Physics

Chair: Prof. Ivan Lalov – nkojuharova@tu-sofia.bg Secretary: Penka Lazarova – lazarova@usb-bg.org

19 Metrology and Instrumentation

Chair: Prof. Boris Arnaudov – arnaudov@phys.uni-sofia.bg

26 August 2018 (Sunday)
Inter Expo Center
  1. 14:00–17:00 Registration and all other days 8:30–11:00

  2. 17:00–19:00 Welcome Party

27 August 2018 (Monday)
Hall Vitosha
  1. 09:00–10:00 Opening Ceremony

    1st Session Chair: G. Djordjevic
  2. 10:00–10:30 R. Voss (EPS President): "50 years of EPS-50 years of service to the European physics community"

  3. 10:30–11:00 O. Yavas: “Accelerator based studies and applications in Turkey"

    2nd session Chair: N. Tonchev
  4. 11:30–12:00 I. Todorov: "The usefulness of useless knowledge": Numbers Euler played with and perturbative QFT"

  5. 12:00–12:30 N. Sabotinov: "Metal vapor lasers and Bulgarian contribution for their development"

  6. 12:30–13:00 D. Balabanski, “Day-one photonuclear experiments at ELI-NP"

28 August 2018 (Tuesday)
Section 06: Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Physics
Hall Musala
    1st Session Chair: T. Mishonov
  1. 9:00–9:30 P. Kralchevsky, M. Georgiev, K. Danov, G. Radulova, T. Gurkov, S. Stoyanov, E. Pelan: “Hardening of particle/water/oil three - phase dispersions due to capillary bridges with applications for new products and materials”

  2. 9:30–10:00 Z. Popovic: “Raman scattering and “nanomagnetism”

  3. 10:00–10:30 D. Krstovska, E. Choi and E. Steven: “Quantum oscillations of thermopower in the charge density wave state of organic conductor ? (BEDT–TTF) 2KHg(SCN)4”

    2nd session Chair: P. Kralchevsky
  4. 11:00–11:30 V. Ciupina: “Carbon-Titanium Multilayer Thin Films Obtanied by TVA Method”

  5. 11:30–12:00 J. Indekeu: “BLUES function method in physics”

  6. 12:00–12:30 A. Popov: “Defect Formation in Functional Semiconductor Structures with Heterostructured Transition Region”

    3rd session Chair: D. Krstovska
  7. 13:50–14:10 P. Djondjorov, V. Vassilev, D. Danchev: “Analytic Solutions for the Temperature-Field Behavior of the Ginzburg-Landau Ising Type Mean-Field Model with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions”

  8. 14:10–14:30 V. Vassilev, P. Djondjorov and D. Danchev: “Analytic Representation of the Order Parameter Profiles and Susceptibility of a Ginzburg-Landau Type Model with Strongly Adsorbing Competing Walls”

  9. 14:30–15:00 B. Salmankurt and H. Gurel: “Computational Aspects of Nanostructures: PW vs AO calculations”

  10. 15:00–15:20 R. Kamburova, S. Varbev and M. Primatarowa: “Solitons in a classical inhomogeneous ferromagnetic chain with nearest-and next-nearest-neighbor exchange interactions”

  11. 15:20–15:40 M. Marku and M. Ifti: “A Comparison Analysis of the Dynamics and Stability of Klotho Gene through Discrete and Hybrid Models”

    4th session Chair: A. Popov
  12. 16:00–16:20 T. Mishonov, I. Dimitrova, A. Varonov: “Callen-Welton fluctuation dissipation theorem as consequence of Nyquist theorem”

  13. 16:20–16:50 S. Popov, V. Vassilev: “Symmetries and Conservation Laws of Equations of Motion of Double-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Conveying Fluid”

  14. 16:50–17:10 B. Kolev: “Positron lifetime calculations of defects in Titanium”

  15. 17:10–17:30 S. Zou, W. Bai, T. Yang: “Dynamics of vortex lines in three-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates”

  16. 17:30–18:00 H. Chamati, D. Shopova: “Ferrimagnetism in a two-sublatttice bilinearly coupled Heisenberg model”

  17. 18:00–18:30 Daniel Vizman: “Control of Melt Convection Using Magnetic Fields”

  18. 18:30–19:00 M. Ristova, “XPS Study of CdO and CdO2 Phase Transitions in Electrochemicaly Modified NixCd1-xO Films”

28 August 2018 (Tuesday)
Section 9: Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Hall Vihren
    1st Session Chair: V. Dobrev
  1. 9:00–9:30 L. Anguelova, P. Surany and L. Wijewardhana: “Systematics of Constant Roll Inflation”

  2. 9:30–10:00 B. Lazov, P. Nedkova and S. Yazadjiev: “Uniqueness of Static Phantom Wormhole Solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Equations”

  3. 10:00–10:30 M. Chizhov and M. Naydenov: “Isospin-invariant Nambu –Jona-Lasinio Model with Complete Set of Spin-1 Excitations”

    2nd session Chair: L. Anguelova
  4. 11:00–11:30 R. Constantinescu: “Nonlinear mathematical models for physical phenomena”

  5. 11:30–12:00 O. Kong: “Quantum Spacetime Pictures from a Relativity Perspective”

  6. 12:00–12:30 Y. Iwata: “Relativistic formulation of abstract evolution equations”

    3rd session Chair: R. Constantinescu
  7. 14:00–14:30 S. Stoimenov: “Meta-conformal Algebra in d Spatial Dimensions”

  8. 14:30–14:50 A. Ganchev: “On Bulk-Boundary Duality and Deep Learning”

  9. 14:50–15:10 S. Vossos and E. Vossos: “Unification of Newtonian Physics with Einstein Relativity Theory by using Generalized Metrics of Complex Spacetime and applications to Microcosmos and Megacosmos”

  10. 15:10–15:30 C. Anghel: “On a class of Rota-Baxter operators with geometric origin”

    4th session Chair: A. Ganchev
  11. 16:00–16:30 H. Prado: “The Laplace Transform and Zeta-nonlocal Field Equations”

  12. 16:30–17:00 H. Karayer, D. Demirhan and F. Buyukkilic: “Solution of Schrodinger equation for potential U(r) = -?/r + ?r + kr2 using extended Nikiforov-Uvarov method and polynomial solutions of biconfluent Heun equation”

  13. 17:00–17:20 M. Irfan: “Zero-Curvature Representation of Non-Abelian Quantum Painleve' II Equation with Its Darboux Solutions”

  14. 17:20–17:40 S. Mazharimousavi and M. Halilsoy: “Absence of Buckling in Nerve Fiber”

  15. 17:40–18:00 Y. Uyaroglu: “An Investigation into the Chaotic Supply Chain System and Chaotic Analysis of Fractional Order Supply Chain System”

Poster session
  1. E. Nissimov, E. Guendelman and S. Pacheva: “Modified Gravity and Inflaton Assisted Dynamical Generation or Suppression of Charge Confinement and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking in the Evolution of the Universe”

  2. N. Stoilova and J. Van der Jeugt: “Paraparticles and representations of (Z2x Z2) graded Lie superalgebras”

  3. P. Popivanov, A. Slavova: “Boundary Value Problem for the Polyharmonic Operator Violating the Shapiro-Lopatinskii Conditions”

  4. D. Staicova: “The Multi-Measure Cosmological Model and Its Peculiar Effective Potential”

  5. G. Grahovski, J. Mustafa and H. Susanto: “Generalised Fourier transform for multi-component NLS equation on symmetric spaces with PT-symmetry”

  6. D. Delibasic, D. Dimitrijevic and G. Djordjevic: “DBI and Locally-Equivalent Standard-Type Lagrangians in a FLRW spacetime”

  7. T. Popov: “Hydrogen Atom and Light Cone Symmetries Mirrored in One Jordan Algebra”

28 August 2018 (Tuesday)
Section 12: Environmental Physics
Hall Rodopi
    1st Session Chair: Ch. Angelov
  1. 9:00–9:20 St. Tsitomeneas: “Principles and measures for adaptation to climate change derived by natural or human generated effects on the planetary radiation equilibrium”

  2. 9:20–9:40 G. Xhixha, E. Spahiu, F. Hasani, M. Shyti and F. Cfarku: “Identification of industrial sectors involving NORM in Kosovo”

  3. 9:40–10:00 M. Kaceli, M. Shyti, P. Dhoqina, N. Civici and G. Xhixha: “Determination of natural radioactivity in beach sands from the Adriatic sea coastline, Albania”

  4. 10:00–10:20 M. Kakona, V. Stepan, O. Ploc, N. Nikolova, T. Arsov, Ch. Angelov: “Comparative measurements of mixed radiation field usingLiulin and AIRDOS dosimeters”

    2nd session Chair: R. Metcheva
  5. 11:00–11:20 B. C. Ozturk, G. Y., N. Cam: “Ecological risk assessment of coastal sediments taken from public beaches of Erdek and Band?rma”

  6. 11:20–11:40 M. Beltcheva, R. Metcheva, E. Geleva, I. Aleksieva, I. Ravnachka, Ch. Angelov: “Total ?-activity in monitor species small rodents from two different altitudes in Rila Mountain (Bulgaria)”

  7. 11:40–12:00 N. Takuchev: “Solar corpuscular radiation and mortality from various forms of ischemic heart disease in Bulgaria for the interval 2005–2015”

  8. 12:00–12:20 M. Zoran, R. Savastru, D. Savastru, A. Dida: “Derived biogeophysical information from satellite imagery for assessment of extreme climate impacts on urban green environment”

    3rd session Chair: N. Tyutyundzhiev
  9. 14:00–14:20 M. Penache, M. Zoran: “Seasonal trends of surface carbon monoxide concentrations in relation with air quality”

  10. 14:20–14:40 M. Udristioiu, D. Rosca, L. Velea, R. Bojariu, S. Sararu, A. Rosca: “Surface temperature during summer days in Craiova, Romania, from satellite observations and infrared thermovision measurements”

  11. 14:40–15:00 M. Klemo, J. Priska: “A survey on energy efficiency and consumption of buildings in Albania”

  12. 15:00–15:20 R. Metcheva, M. Beltcheva, M. Topashka-Ancheva, N. Tyutyundzhiev, I. Aleksieva, I. Ravnachka, P. Ostoich, T. Arsov, Ch. Angelov: “Potential effect of natural gamma and UV irradiation on Albino mice at two altitudes (Rila mountain, BG)”

Poster session
  1. M. K. Xhixha, F. Hasani, M. Shyti, G. Xhixhà: “A Study of Natural Radioactivity Levels in Soils across Kosovo: a Case of Study in Pristina Region”

  2. F. Mandija, F. Vila, E. Lukaj, J. Bushati: “Desert Dust Episodes Over the Region of Balkan Peninsula”

  3. N. Ivanova and B. Manushev: “Natural Radionuclides in Drinking Water”

  4. M. Shyti: “Calibration and Performance of HPGe Detector for Environmental Radioactivity Measurements using LabSOCS”

  5. M. Shyti, F. Cfarku, I. Berdufi, E. Bylyku, R. Hoxha: “Natural Radioactivity in Cigarette Tobacco and Radiation Dose Induced from Smoking”

  6. R. Angelova, L. Slavov, G. Kolarov, I. Grigorov, Ch. Ghelev, L. Gurdev, I. Nedkov, D. Stoyanov: “Parallel Lidar and In-Situ Study of the Aerosol Particles Mass Concentration, Shape and Character in Highly Polluted Zones in Sofia City”

  7. O. Nitcheva, V. Koutev, B. Milev, P. Dobreva, T. Trenkova: “Management of the Agricultural Nitrogen (N) Pollution in the Bulgarian Groundwater Vulnerable Zones”

  8. O. Nitcheva, A. Yordanova, B. Milev, P. Dobreva, V. Koutev, T. Trenkova: “Soil Physics Simulation as an Option for Country Groundwater Recharge Mapping. Case Study of Bulgaria”

  9. G. Bontas: “Sachnisin. An Architectural Element in the Balkans and Asia Minor-Its Bioclimatic Role”

  10. K. Velichkova, M. Vatzkitcheva, P. Savov, N. Kolev: “Behavior of the Parameters Characterizing The Air Quality in an Enclosed Classroom Ventilated Either by a Fan Or Naturally”

  11. K. Velichkova and D. Krezhova: “Extraction of the Red Edge Position of Hyperspectral Reflectance Data for Plant Stress Monitoring”

  12. A. Deleva, T. N. Dreischuh, Elena N. Krasteva, and Liliya A. Vulkova: “Thick Anthropogenic Aerosol Layers Detected by LIDAR above Sofia”

  13. A. Deleva, T. Dreischuh, E. Krasteva, and L. Vulkova: “Model Forecasts Importance for LIDAR-Data Analysis”

  14. T. Dreischuh, Z. Peshev, I. Grigorov, A. Deleva, G. Kolarov and D. Stoyanov: “Remote Investigations of Near-Surface Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Properties over Sofia Urban Area”

  15. P. Dhoqina, S. Mico, M. Alushllari: “Fractal Dimension of Soot Aggregates”

  16. M. Alushllari, P. Dhoqina, S. Mico, N. Civici, A. Deda, L. Kacani: “Hazardous Quotient Factor of Lead in Soil around Industrial Waste”

  17. L. Kostov, R.G. Kobilarov, Ch. Protochristov, Ch. Stoyanov: “Radiological risk due to the terrestrial gamma exposure in soil samples from Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria”

  18. N. Tyutyundzhiev, Ch. Angelov, K. Lovchinov, T. Arsov, Hr. Nichev, M. Petrov: “Open-source Tool for Solar UV Measurements”

  19. M. Stoyanova, A. Kandilarov, V. Koutev, O. Nitcheva and P. Dobreva: “Multispectral imaging for assessment of crop habitus”

  20. V. Kleshtanova, Ch. Angelov, I. Kalapov, T. Arsov, G. Guerova, V. Tonchev: “What One Can Learn From the Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) Size Distributions as Monitored by the BEO Moussala?”

  21. V. Danchovski, D. Ivanov, P. Savov, N. Kolev, T. Evgenieva, and Evgeni Donev: “Urban Mixing Layer Height and Aerosol Concentration in Sofia, Bulgaria”

  22. N. Nikolova, K. Kudela, R. Langer, I. Strharsky, T. Arsov, I. Angelov, Ch. Angelov, A. Chilingarian and T. Karapetyan: “SEVAN Detector Measurements At BEO Moussala And Lomnicky Stit: First Experience From 2014-2017”

  23. F. Cfarku, M. Shyti, I. Berdufi, P. Dhoqina, E. Bylyku: “Determination of Gross Alpha Beta Surface Contamination by handheld Equipment

  24. F. Cfarku, M. Shyti, I. Berdufi, P. Dhoqina, E. Bylyku: “Radioactivity of Po-210 in Drinking Water Samples of Albania”

  25. I. Penev, Ch. Angelov, T. Arsov, St. Georgiev, N. Uzunov: “106Ru Aerosol Activity Observation above Southeast Europe in October 2017”