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Created 22.7.2021
Updated 31.1.2024

Anton Stoyanov Antonov
(10.12.1934 – 28.06.2021)

Born in Sofia


He graduated physics at the Sofia University (1957).

Anton Antonov was PhD in Moscow (1967) and DSc (2000)

He specialised in St. Petersbirg (1959), Dubna (1963-1966), Ohio USA (1974), and Gotingen (1975)


His investigations are in the area of biophysics

Professional experience

He was assistant (1957-1968), associate professor (1968-2000), and professor (2000)

Anton Antonov was deputy dean of the Sofia University Faculty of Physics (1972-1975)

Teaching activities

He lectured "experimental physics" (1967-1977), "biophysics" (1975-1980), and "structura and properties of water" (1975-1980)


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