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Created 18.6.2020
Updated 16.4.2021

Veselin Ljubomirov Strashilov
(15.07.1949 16.06.2020)

Born in Turnovo


He obtained master degree (1972) and doctorate (1978) from the Sofia University.

Prof. V. Strashilov became Sc.D. (2006)

Professional experience

He has been appointed at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Solid State Physics Acoustoelectronics laboratory (19791986)

He became Sofia University associate professor (1989), professor (2007) and head of the Solid State Physics and Microelectronics Department at the Faculty of Physics


Prof. Strashilov's experimental research areas are solid state physics, semiconductors, acoustical and optical waves in solids and polymers, acoustooptics, new materials, microelectronics physics

Teaching activities

He lectured many university courses

  1. acoustical and optical waves in solids

  2. semiconductors and dielectric optics

  3. introduction of matherial physics (physical properties)

  4. microelectronics physical bases

  5. polymers in microelectronics

  6. acoustical and optical waves in microelectronics

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