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Created 18.7.2011
Updated 24.11.2022

10.02.1951 – 14.07.2011

Born in Asenovgrad


He finished secondary school in his native town (1969)

Marin Mitov wined first prise on the International secondaty school physics competition in Brno, Czesh Republic (1969) and becam student without exams in the Sofia University.

He finished magister degree in nuclear physics (1974)

Marin Mitov was Ph.D student of Prof. Alexander Derzhanski in the Department of Solid State Physics of the Sofia University (01.01.1977 - 30.06.1980).


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marin Mitov worked in the area of soft matter physics. He was one of the co-founder of gradient flexoelectric effect

He is creator of the computer set in the Institute of Solid State Physics

Professional experience:

In the research group of Liquid crystals at the Institute of Solid State Physics, BAS (1980 - 2011) he became research ²² rank (1982), ² rank (1985) and Assoc. Prof

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marin Mitov was head of the Laboratory of „Liquid crystals” (1998–2011)

He was deputy director of the ISSP - BAS (1995–1999)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marin Mitov was one of the creators of the Bulgarian - French Laboratory „Vesicles and Membranes”


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