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Updated 18.3.2022

(01.12.1918 – 10.08.1970)


Born in София


He studied High Technical School in Berlin (1943) and graduated mathematics from the Sofia University (1947)

He had PhD from the Russian Academy of Sciences (1962) and became D.Sc. in the Moscow State University (1963)

His specialisation in theoretical physics was in Dubna (1964)

Scientific Research:

He has results in theory of elementary particles and nuclear physics, theory of relativity and theory of shuttles.

Professional Experiance:

He was appointed in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics (1955–1961) and became professor there (1961–1970)

Teaching activities

In Varna he was Associate Professor (1948–1953) and professor on theoretical mechanics (1953–1955).


Kiril and Methodius medal, second degree (1966)

100 years of BAS medal (1969)


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