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Създаден 7.1.2018
Променен 9.8.2019

Стилян Николов Калицин


Роден: в София (13.09.1959)


  1. (1973 – 1976) Национална математическа гимназия, Sofia

  2. (1976 – 1981) Атомна физика и техника в Софийския университет

  3. (1988) Ph.D. по физика в Българска академия на науките

  4. (December 2002) registered as general clinical physicist from the Dutch Society for Clinical Physics

  5. Владее български, руски, английски и холандски

Технически умения

  1. Expert in Matlab® technical computing and Simulink® modeling.

  2. Radiation protection level 3 certified.

  3. TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) application operator.


  1. 1997, SNN/STW grant “Neural Network Approach to Scale Space Grouping in Image Analysis” (UGN.4496).

  2. 2010,TOP grant, ZonMw foundation in The Netherlands, “Development of a Multimodal Seizure Detection Instrument to improve out-of-hospital safety and disease management of Epilepsy patients.

    Професионалин опит

    1. (декември 1981 – октомври 1990) изследовател в Института за ядрени изследвания и ядрена енергетика при Българската академия на науките

    2. (октомври 1990 – октомври 1992) post doctoral position at the University of Utrecht in the Institute for Theoretical Physics

    3. (ноември 1992 – март 1996) post doctoral position in the Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute in Amsterdam Medical Center, department of Visual System Analysis

    4. (март 1996 – октомври 1999) Research position in the Image Sciences Institute at the University Medical Center in Utrecht

    5. (1999) Permanent employment as head of medical physics department at Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland, Heemstede.


    1. International patent, WO 2002/13139 (US 6,725,174 B4; CA 2 417 749; DE 601 02 247 T2 2005.02.24), “Edge preserving enhancement of seismic images by nonlinear anisotropic diffusion”


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